Silver Pheasants

Silver Pheasants

A fine pair of vintage German sterling silver table pheasants. Each pheasant has been modelled in an antique style decorated with fine chased detail of the plumage and facial features. Both the cock and hen have been handcrafted in .925 sterling standard silver.

The hallmarks struck to the tail of each bird:

National Mark: Germany

Importers Mark: IF & Son Ltd (Israel Freeman & Sons Ltd)

Import Hallmark: 

Silver quality/ purity mark: .925 Sterling (925/1000, sterling silver)

Import date mark:


Cock (with wings folded)

Height to top of head (7.5cm) Length from tip of crown to end of tail (17.8cm) width across wings (5.1cm)

Hen (with wings extended)

Height to tip of wing (6.4cm) Length from tip of beak to end of tail (14.6cm) width across wings (9.3cm)