Cox & Pierce have a passion for antiques and preserving them for future generations. The conservation and restoration of antique furniture requires attention to detail and an understanding and respect for the history of the piece. Originality of colour and patination and, wherever possible, the conservation of whatever remains of the original piece is what we seek to achieve.

Over time antique furniture joints can become unstable, finishes marked and faded, water and heat marks appear, upholstery fades and webbing stretches or breaks, this is the time to consider a professional restorer. Prior to “having a go yourself” it should be borne in mind that unless you have the skills and understanding of traditional finishes, furniture construction and upholstery you can often cause further damage that may increase the cost of repair and restoration.

As with most things early intervention is the key, when the chair or table starts to wobble or drawers start getting stuck that’s the time to give us a call, early repairs to components of antique furniture can be inexpensive and in most cases will prevent the need for further restoration.

Antique furniture was made by craftsmen to be used and last the test of time but sometimes they need a little tender loving care. At Cox & Pierce we refer to it as an MOT for your furniture.

Restoration and upholstery commissions are considered and carried out at our onsite workshop, please contact us to arrange a restoration appraisal and quotation.